Personal Ethics

February 23, 2017
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Personal Ethics

By Tanner Bugger

The development of personal ethics starts at childhood and develops through adulthood will change by the experiences that each person encounters. This changing period can be developed from: parenting, religion, successes and or hardships experienced through periods of development.  As a child, the world is black and white from the lack of understanding and inexperience. As an individual develops and black and white points become gray personal ethics become challenged and complicated. As these gray points become more apparent in everyday life we need to remember there are black and white lines that still exist, that should never be crossed.

To help understand personal ethics in finance being introduced to the fraud triangle is paramount. The fraud triangle shows three main points of why people would commit fraud, these points are: motive, rationalization, and opportunity. A typical white collar criminal we can see how one can have the motivation, rationalization, and opportunity to steal from a company. We can see each of these points in this example first with motivation, if one needs money quick for some family emergency. This could vary from health issues to financial issues within the house hold. The secondly is opportunity, since motivation can go hand in hand with opportunity this could deal with someone that is in charge of cash or accounting within a company. Next rationalization ensues due to the factor of I deserve this or I have not been caught yet so what is a few more dollars. I bring this up because factories that employed low-income families left the LA area and left hundreds of people unemployed. Whatever it takes to protect and feed family can be cause for rationalization motive, and opportunity. But do to the breakdown of ethics to protect their families we see these fathers of these families go to jail due to the breakdown of personal ethics. The fact that these families are left without a father, the next generations of LA did not develop a normal ethical standards. From this the gangs of LA were developed due to the breakdown of personal ethics and the family structure.  By just one individual having the motivation and greed to have more and more it will create the destruction of a company and the destruction of families that are relying on that family member to provide for their family.

The reason why I bring up the gangs of LA is because of my personal ethics ties into the family and how I was raised. If I did not have the family structure that I grew up with I strongly believe that I would be a completely different man. First off I am religious and a member of the LDS church. Second, my parents are a big influence with my personal ethics.  My father taught me how to work hard and was my example of how to honor our family name. For example, every Friday and Saturday from the age of 12 to 18 we worked on our family owned warehouses that were inherited from my grandfather.  By restoring these building I learned the importance of working hard. On the other hand, there is my mother that was able to teach me about languages, culture, respect for life, the arts, and to always honor the family name.

By the ethics that were taught to me my employers have always left and open door when I had to move onto another job. Whether that be and aircraft mechanic, landscaping, working sells floors, working the registers, moving packages and now a program manager. I have always worked with the mindset to make my boss look good to their superiors. I have to admit that by doing so I have been able to get away with a little thing here and there because of my work ethic. On one example when I worked at FedEx and I was known for being able to move twice and many boxes than any other loader on my line. I did break my ethics from time to time by being late to work and knowing that I would not get in trouble for this. By doing so I would create trouble with others employees that would be late as well.  This is because they would get in trouble and they would see that I did not. This soon came to an end when I was given the talk about setting an example.

As discussed our ethics can affect us all whether that be on the employers’ side or on the employees’ side. We all need to look out for each other and understand what effect we have on each other. It is easy to see the world in gray and to justify different aspect of living our lives. The important thing is not to see the gray but to see the black and white that truly exist in the world today.



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