Microeconomics 2010

December 11, 2014
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Reflection Microeconomics
Some things that helped with this class was a general understanding about excel and what some of the controls are. Also I found that having a understanding about calculus was a cool and interesting way to view and understand the materials, such as the graphs. Something that I struggled with was the constant memorization of terms. This was a struggle because it is not something I have to do to much for my major. This will help me better in the future when listening to economists and politics. Especially who to vote for in any political elections. It will also help me if I ever become a business owner by knowing what the customer wants.

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Real Life Application

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December 2, 2014
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What concepts and practices did you learn about “lifelong wellness” from taking this course? Be specific.

I have relearned the importance of being active throughout my life and day. I am not always physically active, but when I am my mind is more concentrated and l have a better day all around. When I am not physically active but more mentally active my mind tires faster and I become focused more on the self. Then as a consequence my life becomes more unbalanced and things like my family, religion, school, and body suffer the consequences of inaction.

Discuss specifically the ways in which learning about and applying “lifelong wellness” concepts from this course has impacted/improved your life (home, school, work, etc.)?

One thing that yoga has taught me is about over stretching. As a runner I would always stretch before, after and sometimes during the run. I would always find myself very sore and thought that it was just from the running. By taking yoga and just doing the stretching I have found myself very sore at times even without running in my life. The strange thing is that the soreness that I felt was very similar to what I felt when I would do my stretching and running. Running has come back into my life very slowly and I am focusing more on what type of stretching I am doing and how long and strenuous the stretching is. This will hopefully help me not be as sore and make me a better runner in the future.

Explain how you will continue to implement and apply the concepts discussed in your previous response to your life, long after this course.

One of the reasons that I am taking yoga is to learn different type of stretches. The reasoning behind this is because I am a rock climber and a runner. When dealing with rock climbing there are different positions climbers run into and requires some flexibility in order to move past different sections. Yoga will help me become more mentally strong and physically flexible in order get past these hared sections. Also with running I am going to focus on my stretching more. I will test different ways I will stretch: before, after, between, frequency and different positions but most importantly I am not going to over stretch my musicales. I am hoping by doing this I can come up with a stretching routine that will help me more than harm me.

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