Nanotech | April 27, 2012

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            Carbon nanotubes are single sheets of graphene that are in a tube form. As the name implies the nanotubes are carbon based which makes them very strong and pliable

            I picked carbon nanotubes because of their incredible properties and their almost endless capabilities.  The research side of the nanotubes or the production side I find the very interesting. I like the idea how strong the tubes are compared to their size. The only thing I would find frustrating is how you would put them into partial use.  Would the nanotubes have to be used individually and if so how would you be able together something that small?  Also how do you attach the tubes to electrical system so the transfer of data is not interrupted and stays at a ballistic speed? 

Some of the advances in the filled of carbon nanotubes is that they are being used in trials as delivery agents for medicine that would be delivered to cancer cells. The medicine is put into the nanotubes.  They are a perfect delivery device because the tubes are so small. 

Another development is putting the nanotubes into another substance to make a new kind of composite material. With just a small number of nanotubes it can make the structure that much stronger.

A fundamental science behind carbon nanotubes is chemistry. Because of chemistry they are able to separate the nanotubes from the substrates that the nanotubes are formed on.  They are able to put the nanotubes into a solution that separate the nanotubes from each other. So they are able to extract individual nanotubes.

With nanotubes it could lead to a new form of treatment for cancer or even a cure to certain cancer cells.  It also will be the future of computer systems for faster operating systems.








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